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Ricky Cooper ‘Quarantined: Designated, Book 2’ Review

Written by: Wesley Thomas

This is the best sequel I’ve ever read. Most sequels to the first in a book franchise are mainly to make more money, keep the story going for as long as possible. Some sequels aren’t even relevant to the story. But ‘Quarantined: Designated 2’ follows on seamlessly from the original, giving the reader more of what they wanted. It continues the story, both of the characters, and the infection that is spreading internationally. It is not only fantastic as a follow on, but I would imagine it would be great as a stand-alone novel. But this book witnesses the UK in an official declaration of emergency, banning flights to and from England, putting in place a nationwide curfew.

Book 1 was epic, but book 2 is legendary! And I am keeping my fingers crossed for a third. With constant action and breathless suspense, I was hooked, unable to stop reading. Quarantined became my new addiction, until sadly, the book ended.

It’s excellently written in a poetically descriptive manner. The words not only highlight the madness erupting, but they sound rhythmic in the reader’s mind, which personally I enjoyed.

If tonnes of violence, bloodshed and carnage is what you’re after, then consider your search over. But don’t be fooled into thinking that’s all this book is, oh no. The characters are superbly rendered, actions justified, given real motives, agendas and painted fantastically in our head. To the point where we become emotionally attached to certain individuals, which puts our heart in a vice when particular events unfold.

At more than one moment I wanted to be in this story, helping the innocent and assisting the good guys, whilst stomping bad guy ass. Ricky makes us yearn to be in the tale for the most part. But when things go from awry to apocalyptic, we are thankful it is just fiction.

Blended in with the turmoil is what I like to call comrade rivalry. Sometimes healthy, other times fatal. Each of the troops either have personal lives or secret schemes. My trust was repeatedly shattered, as you grow to know certain characters, then are taken completely off guard when they act irrationally, selfishly, or hazardously.

You really feel that the UK actually is in a state of emergency, which is a credit to Ricky’s writing and research. It is as if these events would actually occur in a British pandemic. Sirens, news, curfews, all flights cancelled, and people in tremendous panic. With the author’s help we see the carnage, feel the emotional and physical pain, hear the misery and fear, and smell the blood and stench of death. Murders and scenes of violence are graphically enhanced. As if we are stood witnessing a brutal beating or tense battle, we are gasping, trembling and anxious for our hero to win. But we all know good doesn’t always triumph evil. This is conveyed to be real life, where casualties happen, and happy endings are seldom few.

All in all this book is flawless but unnerving. Full of carnage, mayhem, and with the world in grave danger. But will the brave and courageous comrades flourish in the face of evil, fail miserably, or die trying? The ultimate apocalypse sequel. An epic game-changer to the zombie genre. A gory, tense, adrenaline-fuelled, and addictive tale. A must-read!

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Rating: 4/5


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