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Pamela K. Kinney ‘Spectre Nightmares and Visitations’ Review

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Kinney is an award winning author of many talents. Besides being published under her own moniker, she also has books published under the pseudonym, Sapphire Phelan. She’s been known to investigate paranormal activity and has acted both on stage and in film; this is one versatile woman!

Spectre Nightmares and Visitations is a great collection of short stories from quite an imaginative story teller. These are the stories you would find in “The Outer Limits” or “One Step Beyond,” stories that stretch the imagination.  Covering the gamut you’ll find ghosts, werewolves, other-worldly beings, and even wicked cats, oh my!

When it comes to books, who can resist a bargain? Scrounging the used book stores or yard sales, I’m sure you’ll find at least one that you just have to have. But, you may want to think twice, before bringing that find home, as it just may be more than you bargained for.

Or perhaps that cute little kitty alone on the street is just too irresistible to leave by himself, but did you ever stop to wonder just why he’s all alone? Maybe you should.

How about a one night stand, is it something you ever thought about, experienced? Or even regretted? Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve never had the regrets poor Janie did after picking up that last guy in the bar.

Oh, and I’m sure everyone is familiar with the whole “until death do us part” phrase from many wedding vows; but seriously, does anyone really take it literally? Hmm, some do!

These are just a few of the scenarios you’ll run into while perusing this book, all of them make for a good read. Just keep in mind, things aren’t always what they seem to be; tables can be turned and happy endings, hah, what’s that? Check out your buying options here!

Rating: 4/5


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