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Ted Adams and Mark Torres ‘Richard Matheson: The Shrinking Man #2’ Review

Written by: Matt Molgaard

The second issue of IDW’s The Shrinking Man doesn’t offer much in the way of action or terror… well, not in the traditional sense that most of us associate with horror. But Scott’s troubles are indeed terrible and the swing he’s experiencing in life is terrifying. Still trapped in a basement, he no longer must worry about spiders alone. There’s a massive (by his standards) feline that wouldn’t mind turning him into a meal, and speaking of meals, that’s another huge fear for the man. He’s having trouble consuming anything, so mall he can’t get to anything edible.

But the road that led him here has also been petrifying ordeal. Shrunken to roughly three feet the man is targeted by a sexual predator, bullied by a group of boys, and distancing himself from his wife and family. Self-loathing is taking over and the man’s hope is shrinking to match his physical dilemma. The truth is, it really is heartbreaking.

Mark Torres’ artwork still does the story justice, as he delivers that throwback aesthetic that keeps the dated feel alive, and Ted Adams’ script transfer is still strong, bringing just enough of a modern vibe to the story to keep today’s readers glued to the pages. This pairing is excellent for the subject matter. But for those of who have never read the original Richard Matheson are still left to wonder if there’s a positive resolution in Scott’s future. At this point things look bleak.

It’s a good thing the quality of the book is the exact opposite. IDW has yet another spellbinding product on their hands, and the only hangup I’ve got is being forced to wait for each new issue to arrive. If you’re looking for a book with a unique concept and atypical execution, you’re looking for Richard Matheson: The Shrinking Man!

Order it here.

Rating: 4/5


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