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Kevin Lucia ‘Things Slip Through’ Review

Written by: Vitina Molgaard

Just a bit ago I came across a delightful book by Kevin Lucia, an author who I was previously foreign to. Lucia is a standout writer that is ready to rock the world with his creativity and ability. So let us have a look at what caught and maintained a firm grasp on my attention.

Things Slip Through is a collection of short stories that are linked together by the community of Clifton Heights in New York, a fictional town in the Adirondacks. Each tale here lies in a journal which connects the various adventures.

There have been a number of disappearances and other misdeeds occurring in the town and the Sheriff, who is relatively new to the area needs to find out why. During one of his standing Tuesday night poker games he confronts the small collection of fellow friends about the matter. No one really reacts favorably to his inquisitiveness. The result of his inquires is an invitation from Gavin, to meet with him at the local diner, The Skylark, the next day. It is here that the narrator of the collection is presented with the journal, and so we begin to meet the people and tales of Clifton Heights.

The stories in the collection, while able to stand on their own, are nicely intertwined, forming what does feel like one interesting and macabre story. A job exceptionally well done within these pages.

I did not have any problem getting caught up in the entangled storylines, and I’m looking forward to more adventures from this sleepy town that never really seems to sleep. In fact it is much busier after dark, and I’m hoping for another trek into Clifton Heights sometime in the future.

I recommend that you read this late at night with the lights flickering, then you too can share the misadventures, mishaps and shocks of one amazing collection.

Order it here.

Rating: 5/5

Things Slip Through (with titles) 8

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