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Brandon Seifert & menton3 ‘The Fly: Outbreak’ #1 Review

Written by: Matt Molgaard

For what seems like a lifetime I’ve been hanging on to the hope of a genuinely awesome comic transfer of the amazing David Cronenberg film (I also enjoy Kurt Neumann’s spin, though it is clearly an inferior picture), The Fly. IDW has answered my cries of desperation, offering up an amazing follow up piece, The Fly: Outbreak.

The story is essentially rooted in the same universe we were introduced to in Chris Walas’a 1989 sequel to Cronenberg’s picture, but there are some fine twists incorporated and some modernizing that’s going to win over the youth.

Martin, the son of Seth Brundle is on a mission to ensure that genetic wrongdoings are made right, and that no more scientific disasters occur on his watch. But trouble already runs amock in Bartok Industries and now Martin’s attempt at finding a cure has completely spiralled out of control. Can the chaos be brought to an end before the casualties pile up, or will Martin prove himself a failure, unleashing monsters unimaginable on the unsuspecting public?

After opening the first issue, things are running extremely smooth. Writer Brandon Seifert is awesome, dropping subtle nods to vintage work and menton3’s art is absolutely stunning. We’re actually looking at Eric Stoltz here and it’s just unbelievable. The general hue of the imagery looks fantastic and helps to create an almost claustrophobic sensation. In regards to story, we’re winning big, aesthetically speaking we’re seeing a homerun connection.

Order this book immediately!!

Rating: 4/5


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