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B. Alex Thompson & Federico Santagati ‘Hass’ #1 (Review)

Racism is an insanely taboo matter to deal with. That didn’t stop B. Alex Thompson from treading in shark infested waters. Hass, one of Thompson’s efforts under the Approbation Comics banner, not only toys with racism, he’s made it the centerpiece for this deeply disturbing tale of a suave African American who woos a young white woman only to learn that her family is blinded by hatred and bigotry.

What becomes of Josh Jones after sweeping Maggie Stewart off of her feet? Her brother and his pitiful cronies exact revenge. Josh’s skin tone is enough to warrant a savage beating, complete demoralization and even physical mutilation. But what will become of a good-hearted black man once he wakes to find a swastika tattooed on his chest? Only issue two can answer that question, though it’s extremely doubtful that Josh will take this one in stride. Revenge may very well be on the horizon, as it should, and I’m dying to know how the man plans to unleash his own brand of horror on a handful of ignorant bastards who’ve crossed a line that should never be crossed.

Again, issue number two just cannot arrive fast enough!

Thompson’s writing is excellent. He creates a tale that demands sympathy while invoking pain and a general disdain for the monsters who walk among us. To put it plain and simple, this is a terribly emotional story. It’s about as dark as it comes and the anger the reader feels manages to completely suck us into the idea of redemption.

We feel for Josh. And we want the despicable human beings responsible for this atrocity to pay a savage price.

And again I say, please, please don’t make us wait too long for the second issue!

B. Alex Thompson is an excellent writer, and his grim narrative is only enhanced by the fine artwork of Federico Santagati. These two seem to work perfectly together, creating a very engaging story that’s sure to leave readers fully ingrained in the tale. Up until a few days ago I wasn’t too familiar with either man, and I was a complete stranger to Approbation Comics. My ignorance is now a thing of the past, I’ll be watching this group from here on out.

Excellent tale, right here!

Rating: 4.5/5


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