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Patrick D. Pidgeon, Matt Anderson, and Tim Lattie ‘Creeple Peeple’ Review

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Every once in a while a graphic novel comes along that offers a bit of everything, far surpasses expectations and leaves us chomping at the bit, burning for just one more page. For me, that sensation tends to ride the wake of extremely dark, gruesome tales aimed at an older demographic and designed to leave the brain a bit overactive in unconciousness. But Patrick D. Pidgeon’s Creeple Peeple is the exception to the rule. It’s not wildly intense or profoundly extreme, and it does admittedly start a bit slow. But it makes for an entertaining read and it’s aimed at an extremely wide range of readers, which could see the book one day propelled to a higher rung of the pop culture ladder. And it’s an absolutely blast.

The story arc is surprisingly grand, focusing initially on a trio of dedicated science students who decide to play God for a good cause: to save their science department, which is set to get the axe after their curriculum is done away with. But in the process the small group inadvertantly create a handful of wild troll-like creatures. One munch on the wrong house plant later and the Creeple’s take a sudden turn, becoming savage menaces capable of animating inanimate objects. They also hold the key to a much greater evil, which the resident dean, along with his growing cult, plan on summoning. At the end of the day, it’s up to our three unlikely-to-be heroic science geeks to save the day. It sure as hell won’t be easy.

It’s a far out story, but Patrick D. Pidgeon and Matt Anderson put together a pretty tight-knit story that toys with a number of different layers and degrees of intensity. They do it with a cool combination of class and wit, and every page beyond the first 20 – which is the one area of the story which seems to lag – is completely infectious. These two nurture the character development ensuring that we actually give a damn about the personalities within the book, and yes, that does thwart a bullrush lead in to the story as a whole, but the action lull and seemingly pointless chatter in the earlier pages of the story eventually pay off. Pidgeon and Anderson successfully weave a very thorough narrative through a needle that could have easily betrayed the thread (and for a brief moment it seems it might) had either Pidgeon or Anderson missed a single beat. They got it right.

And the artwork… this is great stuff. Tim Lattie keeps things looking crisp and slightly cartoonish, which is exactly what this kind of story really needs. To go too silly wouldn’t fit the intelligence of the narrative and to go too dark would diminish the childlike essense of the majority of the story. Creeple Peeple feels like a mix between Ghostbusters and Frankenstein and Lattie’s work is pitch-perfect for the material. Combined with Pidgeon and Anderson’s work, this is a dream team trio.

If you’re anything like me, you’re likely to feel as though the first quarter of the book drags, stretching thin to thinner until an unexpected turn opens the doorway for action and the real meat on the bone. But if you’re anything like me, you’ll likely recognize that what you minutes ago considered utterly inconsequential, was actually rather important. Without those slow moments, we don’t likely grow to care for our protagonists half as much as we eventually do. And if you’re really anything like me, you’re probably going to fall in love with this inspired and entertaining tale.

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Rating: 4/5


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4 Comments on Patrick D. Pidgeon, Matt Anderson, and Tim Lattie ‘Creeple Peeple’ Review

  1. Matt,

    I’m the creator and writer of “Creeple Peeple” and am truly glad that you enjoyed my graphic novel. I’m planning to pitch it and a script for a feature film soon. Could be the “Gremlins” for the 21st Century.

    Also, I self-published another graphic novel that more likely fits in with your terrific website. It’s on Kindle and entitled “The Frightmare Man.” The art is raw but the storyline is solid. Hope to one day get it on the small screen as a TV serial.

    Thanks again for your support. I’ve now bookmarked your great website.

    Patrick Pidgeon

    P.S. I’ll be at San Diego Comic Con signing posters at the IDW booth. Come by!


    • Hey Patrick,

      I certainly hope you swing back by the site from time to time, and if you’ve got other material you’re interested in seeing covered, I’m interested in covering it. CP was awesome. REALLY, REALLY enjoyed it (it’s making my Must Read Comics of 2015 list for Dread Central) and you can bet your ass I’ll be supporting your stuff for the long haul. Wish SDCC was on the docket for me this year, but I’ve got a relatively new baby and we just moved into a new place, so I’m pretty tied up. But I’m certainly interested in chatting with you in the near future, brother. Hell, we could put together a nice little interview and maybe even split it up and get you some coverage here as well as over at dread central.


      • Matt,

        Once again, thanks for the great support. We’re working on a social media blitz for SDCC. I hired a couple young chicks to handle that. I’m too old to figure it all out.

        Forward me your address and I’ll drop my gn “The Frightmare Man” in the mail. Again, the artwork is raw (black & white) but the storyline works. Actually, it’s based on a British novel that I acquired and was once a BBC mini-series. I had to update it greatly for my potential TV pitch.

        Also, congrats on your baby. That’ll keep you busy at 3am for sometime.

        Thanks again.


    • You can send me anything right here:

      529 Poppy Lane
      Yuba City, CA 95993

      Really, really look forward to it. And, I prefer black and white actually, so that sounds perfect!


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