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Matt Shaw ‘Sickest B*stards’ Review

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour

“Sickest B*stards” is a short story by Matt Shaw. It is a continuation of the novels, Sick B*stards and Sicker B*stards, and begins where Sicker B*stards left off. “Son” has returned home to his real mother. After killing his father, “son” has begun initiating “mom” into his escapades of deviant sex and cannibalism.

“Son” is clearly no longer the victim, as he was once portrayed in Sick B*stards, instead he is the villain. “Mom” is the victim here. It is from “mom’s” perspective that the story is told. She has to get away from “son,” but that is easier said than done. He threatens her constantly with tales of what the government has done to him, but governments don’t do that to their citizens or do they?

While incredibly short, “Sickest B*stards” manages to disgust and shock the reader even more than the previous two entries in the series. In the matter of a few years, Matt Shaw has become one of the foremost names in extreme horror literature. “Sickest B*stards” may be his most disturbing story to date.

Order it here.

Rating: 3/5


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