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Bringing the Readers and Contributors Up to Speed and a Change in HNR Headquarters!

What’s been going on? Everything, it seems! You haven’t seen a wealth of activity on HNR (or our sister site Addicted to Horror Movies) over the last few weeks.

That’s because I got a surprise dropped in my lap about three weeks ago: Move out of my house within 15 days or have no roof over my head. Needless to say it’s been an insane few weeks. We got our new place, and we’re finally all moved in. There are still a number of miscellaneous things to handle. But this family isn’t going to be homeless and that’s all that really matters to me.

Now, knowing that we’ve moved, you can safely assume that we’ve got a new address for you authors to submit your work. Don’t send anything out to the old Chestnut St address (if you’ve got something en route already, I wouldn’t sweat it too much, we’ve got our change of address in and a mail forwarding schedule for one full year, so your novel should make it to the new HQ.)

Speaking of, here’s the address:


529 Poppy Lane

Yuba City, CA 95993

Now, for our contributors: I’ve got a LOT of reviews/articles you’ve all sent in, and while it will take a week or so to catch up on everything, I’ll be busy getting everything organized and published. I know a number of you have multiple pieces waiting to go up, and they will. Hell, I myself have a few novel and graphic novel reviews to get posted as well.

I’m not ignoring any of you, I’m just swamped with life away from the net. I’ll take care of you all ASAP (I’m REALLY looking forward to things – HOPEFULLY – getting back to normal soon!!!), so keep your eyes peeled. The flood of new content begins tomorrow! I’ve got to thank you all for the patience and the continued work.

You’re a damn fine bunch, and I still feel quite blessed to have you pumping out awesome work on a regular basis for our little site that never quits!

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