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It’s ‘Orange is the New Black’ Meets ‘Salem’s Lot’ in C. Michael Forsyth’s ‘Night Cage’!

You want to talk about promising projects? How about C. Michael Forsyth’s forthcoming Night Cage, which pits sexy criminal chicks against bloodsucking vampires in the oppressive confines of a prison?

Yeah. We thought you’d see the promise here!

Check out the scoop:


Night Cage is a 100-page graphic novel in which vampires take over a women’s prison. Picture Orange is the New Black meets Salem’s Lot.

Ravenwood Correctional Institution is a state-of-the-art maximum security prison built underground to make escape impossible. Thanks to brutal matrons, racial strife and savage shower room catfights, the place is a hellhole. But when a pale, mysterious murderess who turns out to be fledgling vampire arrives in the slammer, things REALLY get out of hand.

The vampire contagion swiftly spreads and soon every prisoner and every guard in the joint has been converted. All except for four badass women who’ve been tossed in solitary confinement at the very bottom of the jailhouse and overlooked. Trapped 230 feet below the surface of the earth in an escape-proof prison, their only hope of survival is to battle their way up through a gauntlet of bloodthirsty vampires.

Like the cast of The Poseidon Adventure, the motley crew of survivors must slowly work their way toward daylight, level after level, facing mounting obstacles and bickering with each other along the way. Their adversaries are plenty tough. Remember, they were ruthless killers, sociopaths and gang leaders even BEFORE joining the ranks of the undead!

The 8.5” X12” B &W book with color cover will be available in both softcover and hardcover.

Night Cage is a Kickstarter project to look into. There are loads of awesome goodies headed to backers, but above and beyond that, this is just a graphic novel that really, really needs to be made!

Here’s the Kickstarter link, drop some coin and help bring something amazing to life!


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