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Gregory Lamberson ‘The Jake Helman Files: Human Monsters’ Review

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Gregory Lamberson picked a hell of a time to turn in some of his strongest fiction to date. Human Monsters marks the finale of the tumultuous Jake Helman saga, and not only is it extremely rewarding, it is hands down the greatest of the series. Well, the greatest as I know it. I’ve only had the chance to read three of six of the books (Tortured Spirits and Storm Demon being the other two) but unlike books four and five, which I enjoyed, book six totally and completely stole my heart and attention in equal measure.

Jake’s story is and has been hectic from the jump. Jake Helman is a private investigator with a knack for finding himself in astoundingly absurd supernatural battles. He’s been chasing a mystery for some time now (we’ll hold out on the thorough details to save you the surprise), and a final showdown between two powerful figures and a series of monstrous Biogens (those are genetically engineered beasts of all sorts) will finally provide Helman the closure he’s long sought. Can he escape the ordeal with his life? Will his love interest and trusted partner in supernatural battle, Maria Vasquez escape with her life? And what about the Biogen of his ex-wife, Sheryl, can she walk away from an epic battle in one piece? Human Monsters provides the answers.

As long as I’ve known of Lemberson and his genre endeavors (he also wrote and directed the b-film favorite Slime City flicks as well as a handful of other feature length pictures) I’ve supported the man. He clearly cares about horror, plain and simple. And he’s not one who seeks to rehash dull concepts; his work is wild in nature, but original and engaging as well. Human Monsters showcases Lamberson’s creativity and fearlessness, and within 50 pages the reader understands that Greg is more interested in delivering explosive entertainment than mindless fodder. As a guy who’s interested in thrills more than anything else, that’s a trait that can only be called a treat.

Buy Human Monsters. And while you’re at it, if you haven’t already, buy the first five books in the series. There’s a great story here and the final payoff more than justifies embarking on the journey. Lamberson’s passion is likely to infect you, and this is actually one infection that is fine to bear. Lamberson hits a home run here, and his brief nod to The Cabin in the Woods earns an extra point or two from me!

Order it here.

Rating: 4.5/5


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