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Jacob Rayne ‘The Lazarus Contagion’ Review

Written by: Wesley Thomas 

Hold onto your hats for some explosive adventure! This highly original novel will give you the most intense adrenaline rush you’ve ever experienced from a horror book.

A truly epic horror with an array of diverse, intriguing characters. You as the reader are repeatedly hit with dynamic cliff hangers.

No one explores horror like Jacob, with plenty of thrills, chills and suspense.

You have an army on a mission, two young boys at a mall, and a woman whose husband has passed on. These innocent, unsuspecting people are about to become victims when chaos and peril come into their lives in epic portions. It is amazing how the story progresses when you look back at how it started. Characters develop, the plot thickens and twists are at every corner.

Jacob’s writing style is excellent. He is on full form in this fiction. His speedy pace, action-packed content, descriptive prose, and suspenseful edge. An undeniable legend in the horror field and I feel privileged to enjoy his work. So much so that I strongly feel this would make a terrific movie!

Jacob teases us with the identity of the unknown antagonist/s. But when it’s revealed you will be completely blind-sided as clearly there is deceit, betrayal and conspiracy at work here. You will not see anything coming as Jacob works in a way that most horror authors do not!

Suspense, mystery and shock ooze from every page of this novel. Don’t ever assume you know what is coming as that is when Mr Rayne strikes with a sensational turn in the story.

I did worry about this novel. I had a niggling fear that it would just be an overdone apocalypse book. There are millions upon millions of those types of books. But I had read one of Jacob’s books only a couple of months prior to this one and it didn’t disappoint, so I put my faith in the author to take me on a truly exhilarating journey. And he did! This work had so many appeals and dimensions it is shocking. All the different ongoing story lines were excellent. A great way to convey how tragedy affects different people.

Jacob has an uncanny ability to make you love a character or absolutely hate them. The character development and justifications are so realistic and believable you are fooled into thinking that they are real people. And when their actions become selfish your blood starts to boil. I constantly had to remind myself that this is just a book of fiction, these people aren’t real. Because you develop an intense rage for these fictional characters.

Let’s not forget the ending. An unforgettable, legendary and immense battle. It is nothing like you’ve ever read before. Jacob truly is merciless when it comes to death, gore and carnage.

If you’re looking for blood and guts, intriguing characters, twists and turns, excellent writing, oddness, being kept on edge and being taken on a genuinely entertaining ride, then I highly recommend this one!

Order it here.

Rating: 5/5

The Lazarus Contagion Final export

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