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Timothy S. Villa ‘Welcome To The Nightmare: Volume 1’ Review

Written by: HorrorNerd

I love collections of short stories. I was once asked, “Why do you prefer anthologies(collections) over novellas and etc?”

Variety. It’s as simple as that. It’s like those bags of candy that have different sizes, styles, and flavors. With an assortment of stories to read, I’m sure to find something that I like.

‘Welcome To The Nightmare: Volume 1’ contains four shorts that bring terror, gore, and scares.

‘I’m With The Band’ finds Gina out in the backwoods at a bar waiting for her date. When the doors close there’s no leaving and she must stay for the show.The author chose the perfect story to start things out. It’s quickly paced and brutal.

In ‘One Big Happy Family’, Wendell Dietrich only wants to live in peace, but his dead family will have none of it. He quickly learns that everyone pays for their past sins. While it isn’t my favorite of the bunch, this story shows this budding author has the range and creativity.

With ‘Taken Things’, Jennifer takes a coin from a fountain. It is irresistible and she doesn’t hesitate to take the shiny object. Some things shouldn’t be taken and when a little boy begins following her Jennifer learns that there is a price to pay for taking things that aren’t yours. For me this was a slow burn packed with unrelenting dread.

‘The Tarnished Crown’ is the final offering from the author. In this story, a small Midwestern family endures the onslaught of terror as a small creature brings out the greed in them all. For me this one is the best of the bunch and I think others will agree.

The author also includes an excerpt from his upcoming release ‘Exit 63’.

Author Timothy S. Villa is a new author within the horror ranks but I feel he has a unique voice and loads of potential. Keep on the look out for this author in the future.

‘I’m With The Band’ – 4.5 skulls

‘One Big Happy Family’ – 3 skulls

‘Taken Things’ – 4 skulls

‘The Tarnished Crown’ – 5 skulls

Order it right here.

Overall Rating: 4/5


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