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Fletch Chambers ‘Lamia’ Review

Written by: David Blackthorn

This novella is obviously a Lovecraftian story, apparent by the very title.  It follows a writer by the name of James Kirby into an adventure in erotic horror.  In fact, there is far more erotic than horror contained within the pages.
While many Lovecraftian stories have an erotic element to them, this one seems more geared toward Kirby’s numerous sexual encounters with three women he meets throughout the book and even sexual encounters between the women, as well.  There are hints toward the darkness lying underinstallment.
The nice thing about Lamia is that it deals with Shub-Niggurath, a Lovecraft diety who received little ink time, even by Lovecraft himself. The thousand young are referenced and we catch a literary glimpse of tentacles in a pool of water in the woods.
Overall, I would have preferred much more action or terror in place of much of the eroticism that filled three quarters of this novella.  Still, this appears to be the first in a series so we may see more suspense and peril in future installments.

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Rating: 3.5/5


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2 Comments on Fletch Chambers ‘Lamia’ Review

  1. I hope to read that the other stories focus more on horror and less on the erotica. I am not the biggest fan of overdone sexual situations, such as you have stated here. I will keep a watch for more of his work and hopefully your thoughts on this author’s work. Vitina


  2. I greatly enjoyed the review and following commentary. The more feedback provided on this title, the more engaging the following books in the series can be.


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