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Help Fund the Awesome HP LoveCraft Inspired ‘WART’ and Get Some Awesome Goodies in Exchange!

Chris Welsh and Ammar Al-Chalabi are turning out some amazing work in the form of the HP Lovecraft inspired comic, WART (read a page right here). It’s an infectious little piece with excellent writing and some top notch art. In fact, it’s an impressive enough tale that a mere sample has me pumped for the project, itching to get my hands on an issue.

I love stories with personality, and despite my ripe old age of thirty-nevermind (can’t reveal that, now can I?) – I still adore a high quality graphic novel, or quick and infectious comic. Wart is quite infectious, hence this post.

Welsh and Al-Chalabi have already met their kickstarter goal, but that’s not a reason to stop donating. Great projects deserve great support, and we’re going to do what we can at HNR to see Wart travel to the ends of the universe and beyond.

WART is an original horror comic series starring Wart Bellamy, an unfortunate young fellow ripped from his reality and tossed into a mysterious, other-worldly ‘Asylum for the Belligerently Insane’.

It has monsters, cults, ghosts, rats and a shady doctor in charge of the whole thing. Wart’s story takes him through multiple dimensions that threaten both his physical health and his crumbling sanity. Along the way he makes friends, enemies and gets incrementally closer to finding out just what the hell is going on.

Book One collects the first three 10-page ‘parts’ of the comic. In addition to those there is an exclusive part 3.5 which only appears in the book! It also contains some sketches and extra art.

Book Two will collect parts 4 and 5 together: two huge parts which continue the madness. It will also include an exclusive story (Part 5.5) which will only ever be in the book!

Check out the Kickstarter page right here. A couple bucks will snag you digital copies of the first two books. A few more bucks and you’ll have these beauties in print. The reward packages are all reasonably priced, and the returns are fantastic.



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