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Keith Rommel ‘The Lurking Man (Thanatology Book 2)’ Review

Written by: Vitina Molgaard

“Who are you and what am I doing here?” Cailean said,and stared at the thick, impenetrable wall of darkness that surrounded her. She tried to focus on something that moved inside the blackness.”
Cailean in her circle of darkness

Imagine waking to find yourself standing beneath a bright spotlight in a blinding snowstorm, where the outer edges of the circle you are in is so dark that it is blacker than any blackness you have ever known. Now begin to realize that you are not quite alone. Around you there is an evil presence which soon enough you will recognize as Death itself. You have no idea why you are here now, but you are. Such is how we meet Cailean, the character who we come to know in The Lurking Man.

Cailean will soon discover that her company is indeed none other than Death himself, and that is her judgement day. Once she begins to make contact with the lurking presence, she learns his name is Sariel and he is about to propose a staggering and challenge.

There are a number of characters here but the majority of them will become known to us through flashbacks of the life she once lived and the place she currently finds herself in. Many aspects of her character are dark and much more is to be revealed once we, the reader get to know her and why she is actually facing her current situation.

Simply put, I found an outstanding read here. Having read book one,The Cursed Man, I can only say Mr. Rommel certainly continues devloping and fleshing out strong characters that entice and intrigue me. He manages to make standard characters actual people that matter to the reader. For me, I need to care about the characters or I lose interest quickly. But that is the last thing that you find will happening in this one. I suggest you grab The Lurking Man and give it a read.

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Rating: 5/5


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