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William Peter Blatty ‘Legion’ Review

Written by: David Blackthorn

After the events in the previous novel The Exorcist, Blatty brings Kinderman back for another well written tale: Legion.

Years after the loss of Father Damien Karras, Kinderman faces another troubling case.  He has to investigate a series of murders with clues that lead him to a hospital and ultimately the psych ward.  Eventually, he faces a part of his past he thought was deceased.  I don’t want to give out spoilers but anyone who has seen The Exorcist Part III already knows the storyline to this novel, for the most part.  There are certainly some intense moments and plenty to enjoy in this read.

While The Exorcist Part III is based on this novel, there are some differences.  Of course, the novel is more in depth and boasts more characters.  A lot of the events from this story are absent from the film, making this a more explanatory version.  The film version of The Exorcist does a better job of following the book than the film based on Legion.  The movie, however, is still amazing, the second best movie in the series.

So the downside?  The movie has a much better ending than the book, which is unusual.  Normally the book is far superior to the movie but the ending of Legion leaves much to be desired.  That’s not to take away from the rest of the book.  I still recommend it to Blatty fans, a well as fans of dark crime.  Its not as frightening as The Exorcist but I still had trouble putting it down.

Another thing I had trouble with was Kinderman’s odd train of thought.  At times he thought or said things that had nothing to do with what was taking place, more like mindless ramblings.  I just put this down as the uniqueness of the character.

Bottom line: is it worth the read? Absolutely.  It may not be on the level of The Exorcist and the movie may have a better ending but Legion is still a fun ride.  I will most likely read both of these Blatty novels again…soon.

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Rating: 4/5


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2 Comments on William Peter Blatty ‘Legion’ Review

  1. I just recently watched the first 2 movies again. I love the second one too. I can’t say much about the book as I’ve only read the first one. I wonder how the ending was different?


  2. davidblackthorn // December 10, 2014 at 1:51 am // Reply

    The third movie is the one that’s based in the book, and an outstanding movie it was. I still say the book is well worth the read, but I won’t ruin the experience by giving away the end or the differences ;). Give it a once over and enjoy.


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