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Christopher Alan Broadstone ‘Puzzleman’ Review

Written by: Vitina Molgaard
“Ya can’t deny it, I know it. An’ all dem lies ya tell your own self, ev’ry damn day, all dey do is keep yo’ pretty li’l ol’ brain outta da drain.”
“Shut up.”
“Cuz nobody’s sane down a drain. No …body. An’ I mean nobody!”
-Excerpt from the book between A street vendor and Amanda

Amanda, a woman lost in the world and unable to figure out how to survive from day to day finds herself caught up in a horrific place. She comes to the attention of a demon known as the Puzzleman and finds her life is sucked into his twisted vision of eternal life, in the underworld of the drain and the pipes.

By no means is she alone, she is accompanied in her battle by a number of other people that are linked into her life and also the haunting vision of her deceased infant son, that may well not be so very dead after all. What he has become is something else altogether, as she will eventually discover.

And the Puzzleman, well he is quite well named for he certainly is just that, a puzzle and right along side him is Conundrum…another bit of nasty. Not to be overlooked are the gruemonsters and the living hell where they reside.

Understand this immediately I am only just barely touching on the characters here. With good reason on my part. For this is one very intense and excellent book, which cannot be read with a simple head right to the punch line mentality. No indeed, here I found a book meant to be read without any distractions, one meant for a person willing to put forth the time and concentration…a thinking persons novel.

Mr. Broadstone has created an excellent novel and I recommend it. He covers quite a gamut of information which ranges from Greek mythology to Jesus Christ, which is important for this authors piece of work and for his style of storytelling. I will admit I found part four (where he addresses those subjects) to be a complete distraction that felt more like filler than story enhancer. It felt unnecessary, and brought an excellent pace to a screeching halt. That, was unfortunate. But Broadstone picks up the pace once we enter part five, which goes a long way in erasing a drab portion of the novel. The hiccup in part four may disturb some but it may well satisfy others with craving for historical elements. That will depend entirely on who is reading it.

Ultimately, part four is what prevented me from rating this a solid 4-4.5. But trust me when I say my preferences may vary from yours, and furthermore, this is a strong enough read to leave me looking forward to finding future works from Broadstone.

Order it here.

Rating: 3.5/5


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6 Comments on Christopher Alan Broadstone ‘Puzzleman’ Review

  1. heard about this one on Mouth of Madness podcast! very cool stuff


  2. Vitina Molgaard // November 25, 2014 at 4:38 am // Reply

    Yes indeed this is one very well done story. I agree that the Mouth of Madness did an excellent piece on this. The take from their point of view on part four is certainly not the same as my own, But then that is part of what I tried to bring out in my review. Just different takes on an excellent story. I seriously meant it when I said this is an excellent tale. Mr. Broadstone is a man with talent and tells one great tale. I hope you pick this up and give it a go. Vitina


  3. As the author of the notorious PUZZLEMAN “Part Four”, I would love to have an open debate on this crucial, and pivotal, portion of the story that has always created — not a gray area, mind you — but an out-and-out schism among fans. Why is it “unnecessary”? Why is it “crucial”?


  4. For a thinking person Vitina seem confused to me. She states that information regarding Greek mythology to Jesus Christ is important to understanding the story, then follows by wishing she didn’t have to read it. Seems inconsistant.



  5. I just saw this today and read the comment from DC…I am actually not confused here, although it may have seemed to you that I was. It was actually the amount of the content covered. I just felt it was a bit more than was needed to get the point across to the readers. But it is of course your own opinion about what I had written and that is fine.We each are allowed to have our thoughts. Thank you for the comment either way.


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