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Keith Deininger ‘Ghosts of Eden’ Review

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Anyone who has read a Keith Deininger book knows they are about to embark on a strange and wondrous trip down the surreal workings of his mind.  Keith Deininger tells quite the tale. It’s a story of young Kayla who arrived at a doorstep as a babe from a jar, it’s a story of Garty a young man who just can’t get it together, it’s a tale of how a brother and sister defeat evil and live happily ever after. Oh yeah, that really does happen, sometimes. But it’s what’s in the middle of the telling that we shall discuss.

Kayla was left on a doorstep as an infant. The folks that found her raised her as their own until their deaths when she was 12. At that time she was sent to live with her Uncle Xander, an uncle she knew nothing of. Garty’s step-father has had enough of his freeloading and has decided to send him to his Uncle Xander for the summer, it is here the two find out they are brother and sister.

“Reality is like a flowing river. Reality is like a flowing river, her mouth said. It can be diverted; it can nourish; it can flood.”

At first things seem idyllic, but of course that would make for a boring story. Lucky us, no boring story here, instead things begin to take an odd turn. This is a story of magic and science, illusion versus reality. Xander is no uncle at all, but a manipulator of imagination and Kayla is a denotic, a dreamer.

I don’t want to say too much and spoil anything for you, so instead you can go over to Darkfuse or Amazon and pick up a copy!

Rating: 4/5


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