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Anne Michaud ‘Hunter’s Trap’ Review

Written by: S.T. King

Hunter’s Trap, written by Anne Michaud is a paranormal tale – a thriller about a dusty ole cabin in the woods; more specifically, it’s about a young boy and his feisty little brother – and their date with the spirits haunting the cabin’s land.

The tale starts out with Dayton Mulligan, and his little brother Jeremy sneaking in the cabin to seek refuge from a blizzard. Their plan is simple: to find their father who came to these lands with a group of friends. They went for hunting and unfortunately, never returned.

Soon during the initial search they find one of their father’s friends; he’s been caught in a trap meant for animals – for game. And after that they meet Hunter, a mysterious and cryptic presence. He says he knows where their father is and he’s willing to give answers.

Hunter’s Trap is about ghosts, and the blurry line between life and death – and the pain of living between here and the great beyond. The story goes about this objective with powerful and engaging force – nearly as blistering as the novels relentless and never ending snow.

To the reader who craves a good ghost story that has an visceral feel – an intimate exploration surrounded by the frigid winds of death and isolation: not just a spelunk into caverns haunted by apparitions and wraiths, but of the memories they impress amongst the living – this might be worth a read. The tale is entrenching and rich and the details are plentiful — the story as a whole, both strong and enchanting.

The delivery holds well, though it demands a degree a patience; the writing style may be bothersome grammatically to seasoned readers. Further, though the intricacies are a strong point of the story, the sheer weight of them also seems to hold it back. A final weak point to note is the lack of a unique feel that may leave seasoned ghost story readers hungry for something unique.

All in all, Hunter’s Trap is a beautifully conceived gem, its luster, just as captivating as its characters. It seems to turn its own pages despite all its major shortcomings. For the new to the paranormal genre, this may be a keeper.

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Rating: 3.5/5


About the Author: S.T. King is an aspiring novelist with a ravenous appetite for both the dark and the fantastique. Currently he’s a mental health counselor, helping people purge the skeletons from their closets – though admittedly, he thinks it’s more fun putting them back in.    



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