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‘Happy Little Horrors: Freak Show’ Review

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Happy Little Horrors: Freak Show is an anthology of short stories and  poems all involving freaks of various ilks. This “happy” little book has a wicked selection of stories by a fantastic set of authors.  Produced by David Reuben and Monique Happy, you will find Michael Robertson, Craig McDonough, Derrick LaCombe, David Reuben, C.L. Hernandez, Joseph A. Coley, James Michaels, Tania Cooper, Eila Oakes, Brandon Ryals, Michael Clary, Kya Aliana, Allen Gamboa, Dean Wild, John McIlveen, Toni Lesatz, Brandon Cracraft, and Steven G. Bynum all within these pages.

The opening poem, Thirst by Tania Cooper sets the mood for the rest of the stories. A dark warning that one should heed.

Ghost Marshal is just that.  Michael Clary has created a ghostly Marshal whose job is “protecting the living from the dead.”

Michael Robertson’s In the Name of Science is a rather nasty story of a scientist who has lost his way.

Ever been to a Freak Show?  Ever see those jars filled with formaldehyde and specimens.  David has, and now somehow one of those jars is in his car. Dean H Wild has a freaky tale to tell in Jars.

One look was all it took and he was hooked. But, you know what She Said?  “You should have taken more notice, you really should have.”  Craig A McDonough gives meaning to the phrase, be careful of what you wish for.

The Happy Place is that special somewhere, that far-off place to hide in when things are looking down.  But what makes one person happy may not make another person happy.  Derrick LaCombe can tell you about that in this story.

C.L. Hernandez has a strange tale to relate in The Strange Death of Wally the Disco King.  Wally, the old drunk wouldn’t leave his step-daughters alone.  When they find a Ouija board in their home, they decide to take care of Wally once and for all!

Okay metalheads, Slayer by Joseph A Coley is in the house!  Hmm, an old metalhead and a cop saving the world; who’da thunk!

James Michaels plays on our fear of the unknown.  Beast of the Trenches takes place during the First World War.  Soldiers defending the trenches in the middle of winter are under attack, but what exactly is it that’s attacking them?

Eila Oakes has a different sort of story in Through a Mirror, Darkly.  Things aren’t always what they seem and sometimes with new found knowledge utter horror follows.

The Bitter End by Kya Aliana is a bittersweet reminder that life is short.

Aah, Infliction, John M McIlveen has written such a sad haunting tale.  This is the story that stayed with me.  A man haunted by past deeds looks for atonement but is there really such a thing as erasing your past?

Brandon Cracraft probably has the freakiest story in this anthology.  Canasta is about a teddy bear that is like no other.  A scarred beat up bear picked up at a garage by a little girl becomes the bane of a family.

Just like Déjà vu, Jeff has been there, done that, done WHAT?!  Find out in Train Struck by Steven J Bynum.

I, Enucleator (‘Eye’ of the Serial Killer) by David Reuben Aslin is by far the most gruesome of the bunch.  “Enucleator: One who by intention gouges out, or removes by surgical method, in part or whole, the eye(s) from their orbital cavity/socket.” Do I really need to say more?

And as we started so shall we end with a closing poem.  Perdition’s Queen by Brandon Ryals takes us home.

Well there you have it, a quick run down of some really good stories.  Don’t pass this collection up, there wasn’t one story that I didn’t like!

Order it here, today.

Rating: 4/5


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