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Alex S. Johnson ‘Doctor Flesh’ Review

Written by: Tracy Crockett

An author who I can attest has pushed all claims of sexual perversion to a level of outright nastiness, Alex Johnson has at the same time been known to lay down some of the most beautiful prose I’ve ever let torment my fragile little mind, heh, if that’s even possible. On that note, I must admit that Mr. Johnson has done just that!

Now onto the task of explaining one of the few tales I’ve had the pleasure of reading that has had the honor of making me blush. What could be best described as Bizarro terror smut, Doctor Flesh will leave a weird taste in your mouth that to certain readers may recall other, non-literary experiences. After reading Doctor Flesh I felt I needed to check myself into a rehab clinic. The extreme sexuality and complete abhorrent visions slammed down your pie hole will make you feel as if you’ve just eatin’ 8 Perkocets and washed em down with a bottle of moonshine.

With tongue in cheek nods to every day society and dreamlike, injectable illusions, Doctor Flesh takes you into a drug fueled world inhabited by genetic freaks. His musings are reminiscent of Kafka raping Pyramid Head and slamming its face into the ground while doing so. A must read if you want to feel like you’re tripping balls. The absurd destructiveness he pens is mind boggling and admirable in its own. Most wouldn’t even come close to attempting such a story as this.

His style is without a doubt in a league of its own. Not many can make you feel unsure whether you’re utterly aroused or going to vomit. A few that can have names like Jeff O’Brien and Robin Dover, yet neither have shocked me such as Johnson.. I’ve recently started Outlaw Circus and from what I’ve read, I do not believe I’m mistaken. Now I realize I may not haven explained much about the tale of Doctor Flesh, but I really want you to experience this for yourself. I’ll leave you with just one thought: Because of this I really, really want cookies.

Order it here.

Rating: 5/5


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