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Brian Eulenstein ‘Dark Road, Dark Souls’ Review

Written by: Wesley Thomas

An emotional start that’s remarkably well written. New and refreshing. We are pulled into the drama and chaos of a shooting. From this very moment, you are hooked. A rough, grim, but incredible start that paves the way for a superb story.

We are abruptly taken from Australia to Edinburgh when Daniel is alerted to an altercation that took place at his son’s place of employment, and he is assumed to be dead. It isn’t long after hearing this that Daniel hops on a plane to identify the body believed to be his son. You can’t help but get caught up in his emotions, struggles and regrets as he travels thousands of miles.

Although Daniel initially flies out to Edinburgh to confirm the death of his son, he ends up tangled in a very sticky web of lies, drugs, criminals, conspiracies, and violent murders. This novel blows the lid on underground drug trafficking, hidden crime and just how smart criminals can be. While the police are doing excellent work, we soon find out they have their own agendas for solving this mystery.

This is by far one of the most powerful books I have read. This book forces you to realise how one event can impact your entire life. We feel constantly alert, nervous for Daniel, and other characters that are caught up in the backlash of a murder. A full throttle of heart-racing suspense as you’re taken on a dark tale of death, criminal activity, and catastrophes. Rest assured, you’ll never look at Scotland or Ireland the same way again, Brian taints it. It exploits the true meaning of the term ‘collateral damage’.  Your blood will boil with hatred for the crooks.

Brian is very clever as he takes advantage of a human need in this book: the need for answers. But with the mystery becoming more sinister with every page with some creepy, eerie moments. This biological urge could turn out hazardous.

You get a real sense of how a police investigation goes, the ups and downs, not the sugar-coated version often portrayed on TV and in film. It shows the true gritty side of police work with a genuine taste of tension.

There is a truthful rendering of location due to uncanny descriptions throughout. A great deal of research had to have been done for this work. The research of Irish and Scottish culture, along with speech, slang terms, and the hospitality of the natives.

Brian’s writing guarantees you’re not just being told a story, but you are along for the ride as you witness characters coming undone and losing their cool. But you need to pay attention in this one, as one tiny missed detail can affect the whole story. The words and chapters are crafted with perfection, but you need to follow in order to appreciate the sublimity of this fiction.

A special mention has to go to the incredible car chase scene. You are gripped for the entirety of the chase, in my opinion, it is better than some of the car chase scenes in movies.

The tale is finished off with an explosive, and bitter-sweet ending. All questions are answered, but we are given an idea of how the near future will be. Good news is mixed in with the bad, and although people lost their lives, you are still endowed with the happy afterglow of reading the book, knowing that everything happened for a reason.

A spectacular book hitting all the right spots. If you enjoy crime, drama, uncomfortable tension, chills and thrills, great writing, and unpredictable twists, then this is for you!

Order it here.

Rating: 4.5/5


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