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Win a Copy of Matt Weber’s New Novel ‘A Dark and Winding Road’… and a Souvenir Barf Bag!

Brace yourself for Matthew Weber’s A DARK & WINDING ROAD, eleven twisted tales from the small towns of America’s Deep South. This new dark fiction collection is out now in paperback and eBook from Pint Bottle Press, available at

Want a signed copy of A DARK & WINDING ROAD? Want a souvenir barf bag to go with it? Here’s how:  In two sentences or less, come up with a Halloween-themed story premise that you’d like to see developed into a book or movie. That’s it! The winners of the top three most entertaining or original concepts get a free signed paperback and a matching barf bag. So put on your thinking caps and send in those ghoulish ideas.

Be sure to keep an eye on this post over the next few days, as we’ll be picking a winner very shortly. We’d like to get this awesome book and insane swag in your hands in time for Halloween!

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15 Comments on Win a Copy of Matt Weber’s New Novel ‘A Dark and Winding Road’… and a Souvenir Barf Bag!

  1. Jesse Sanchez // October 15, 2014 at 5:29 pm // Reply

    The title i would like to see is, “Comfort in a Dark cold Place”


  2. A group of teens dress up in scary costumes not knowing that by the end of the night that they will transform into whatever creature/costume they are wearing. They will have no control over their actions but will have a spark of humanity left.


  3. You know how mother birds eat worms and then regurgitate them into the mouths of their young? I’m picturing something like that with shades of the “Home” episode of The X-Files (the inbred family with the quadriplegic mother under the bed) 🙂


  4. The depression hits him harder and harder each every day, he is barely himself anymore. One day he just becomes the illness he is fighting.


  5. Stephen Degnim // October 15, 2014 at 11:42 pm // Reply

    A man inherits am old grandfather clock built in 1850 by his ancestors , from the wood of an old hanging tree. When it tolls at ten o’clock he experiences haunting memories of the 19th century .


  6. Frozen is really big right now so say you take a teenage girl who dresses up like an ice princess, like thousands of other girls will be and rings the doorbell to trick or treat and kills you. She leaves behind a snowflake symbol drawn on the victim’s palm.


  7. Amy alessandri // October 16, 2014 at 5:39 pm // Reply

    A group of female survivors from past iconic horror films have been in group therapy together for years. On Halloween night they are together in a house for a therapy session, only to be haunted and terrorized by their “monsters” and killers.


  8. Super cheesy idea I had way back. A hospital where patients consistently go missing. Attached to the hospital is a latin restaurant called La’tipsoh! They’re eating people!


  9. Eli "the Butcher" Bang // October 17, 2014 at 4:36 am // Reply

    Outside your window, in your dreams, inside your head. Standing next to your bed watching you dreaming so close to you I can hear your heart beating I’m going to be your psycho..


  10. The people and animals who have had organs or body parts used for research return from the grave looking for their missing parts or revenge on the scientist that took them.


  11. A group or ragtag demons shape shift into children on Halloween Night and go out on a sadistic, borderline humorous killing spree.They reach a house in perfect suburbia, only to come face to face with a pissed off, retired exorcist who is about to kick some demon ass.


  12. Vitina Molgaard // October 26, 2014 at 1:15 am // Reply

    Every year the children are terrified to go to the old lady who lives in the corner house on Halloween. They are all certain she is a witch who will capture them and eat them. One year a young girl ventures up to her door and bravely rings the bell. The door opens and the child hears the woman call out for her to enter. The young girl is about to discover the secrets that lurk in the house and a witch is the least of her problems…as her pets are far more vicious than the old woman could ever be. Vitina


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