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William Massa ‘Occult Assassin: Ice Cold’ Review

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

William Massa messaged me a few weeks back and said he wanted to gift me with a book. I thought sure, why not.  He didn’t ask for anything in return which says a lot about him.   I think he was confident enough in his work, that he knew it would be worth reviewing.  Truthfully had I seen this book on my own, I probably would not have picked it up.  For some reason when I see the cover I think of James Bond.  Thankfully what’s in between the covers is an excellent well told story.  I honestly read it in one sitting; I just had to know what was going to happen next!

The story opens with a lone female skier named Kristin out on a trail in Bergen, Norway.  As she’s tooling down the trail she is stopped by a 6 foot wall of ice. Slowly she begins to work her way around the wall as a feeling of unease begins to settle over her.  Is someone watching?

Mark Talon is the occult assassin. Before his fight against the occult began, Mark spent years as a special operator in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  Working with Simon Casca, a billionaire he is now tracking the lead singer of a Norwegian heavy black metal band, who coincidently has concerts in the same towns where young women have gone missing. Both Mark and Simon have suffered tragedies at the hands of the occult.  Both have dedicated their lives to quashing occult activity worldwide.

Ice God’s tour has taken them to a small pub in Bergen, Norway where Rezok, the lead singer has just one question to ask of his fans, “Are you ready for the final winter?”  A long time follower of ancient Norwegian rituals, Rezok has been searching across Europe for the Sar Akka rune stones, with these stones comes power. If Simon’s findings are correct, Rezok has only one stone left to find and then….

This is such a good story; I am so looking forward to more in this series.  Thanks Bill!

Grab it right here.

Rating: 5/5



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