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Mark West ‘Drive’ Review

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

YES!!  A new novella by Mark West!  Okay, just to get it out of the way I’m a big fan of Mark West.  He has a way of plotting the course and leading you down the dark and twisted corridors of his mind.  Drive is another example of a top-notch tale.

Have you ever been out alone in the middle of nowhere driving?  Have you ever thought what if?  What if someone forced you off the road, what if you have a flat and a car full of men pull up, or  what if…..

David Moore is just another average man on a business trip.  Attending an obligatory business party he finds himself chatting up a young woman named Nat.  When he learns that she is without a ride home he offers her a lift.  What should have been an act of chivalry turns into a nightmare of epic proportions.

Sam was out delivering pizzas on a moped when a red Audi with music blaring pulls up behind him.  The Audi begins bumping the moped until Sam is thrown from the bike.

Jennifer is waiting outside a pizza shop when a red Audi basting music pulls up besides her and the front passenger tries to abduct her.

David is driving Nat home when he hears a booming bassline coming from behind; looking in his rearview mirror he spots a red Audi.  The Audi pulls along side David and the game begins.  Playing cat and mouse through the roadways, David thinks he finally shook the tail, only to soon realize he is sadly mistaken.  The game has only started.

Mark West takes us on a wild pulsating ride on highways and backroads, to a heart-stopping conclusion that will make you think twice the next time you need to drive anywhere at night.  Don’t miss this read!

Available now right here.

Rating: 5/5

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