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Khalid Patel ‘Dr Craine’s Body’ Review

Written by: Vitina Molgaard 

“I gained an education in the ways in which we live by studying the ways in which we die…”

New York Pathologist Dr. Montag Hawkins

A quality tip led me to Dr Craine’s Body, and while the author, Mr. Patel himself was surprised when I discussed the possibility of reviewing it here as a certified horror piece, he was pleased but not sure it fit the genre. I think it makes a perfect fit, and believe you will too.

Twenty-four quick and delightful pages of looking at a damaged psyche that belongs to a medical examiner named Dr Craine. He lives a lonely withdrawn life of outright isolation, a product of his own quirky personal choices. While he has no real desire to make friends he does have a deep attraction to a colleague, who has no idea he exists. Things take a twist early, altering every aspect of the good doctor’s life. This alteration gives us a great view of the weird and somehow wonderful way very wrong situations can bring about pleasure and even happiness to a human’s life.

While unconventional, the bizarre extremes of the story earn it marks as a true horror story in my opinion. I strongly suggest you purchase this little piece of delight and find out for yourself why I’ve chosen to review it. This is brief, but it is certainly good stuff.

Order it right here.

Rating: 4.5/5


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