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Monty Nero & Mike Dowling ‘Death Sentence’ Review


Written by: Matt Molgaard

Monty Nero has written a story so infectious and so expansive it’s a true wonder we’re not already discussing cinematic adaptation. Death Sentence is an amazing hybrid of a story that incorporates elements of science fiction, action, post-apocalyptic mayhem, government fueled drama and outright horror. It’s a mess of ideas thrown into a pot that just so happened to produce one of the most gratifying final products we’ve seen hit the market in years. In fact, I haven’t stumbled upon a narrative as infectious as this since discovering Alan Moore’s riveting piece, Watchmen.

The G+ Virus is atypical of viruses we see introduced in fiction on a near-daily basis. This is an affliction all its own, unique in an assortment of ways. See, those who contract the virus (transferred most commonly via sexual intercourse) take on sudden superpowers, and initially feel better than ever before. They’re creative, complex characters with a staggering sex drive and a desire – and in a few cases potential – to do virtually anything they please. The only problem is, from the moment the virus goes active within the host (G+ can remain dormant for some time, its host never realizing they’ve contracted it, until wild mental and physical shifts manifest themselves) the clock begins ticking: Those with the active G+ Virus have exactly six months to live.

But that’s not where this story ends, rather, the spreading of the virus is only the springboard for a war the likes of which London has never seen. One of the diseased has lost control of reason, his mind spiraling down a funnel cloud of mass homicide. London is torn apart, millions at a time thanks to the vile Monty, a comedian determined to have the last horrific laugh. It’s up to Verity and Weasel – two others who’ve contracted the G+ Virus – to bring an end to Monty’s merciless rampage. But Monty’s powers may have eclipsed his foes’, and the remaining survivors of London may be forced to accept a grim conclusion to life.

Superbly written with visuals (Mike Dowling illustrates) that send shock through the reader, Death Sentence is a book to fall in love with. The story flies by at a dangerous rate, and the capabilities of our three focal characters never cease to amaze. The primal nature that the G+ Virus summons to the surface is magnetic, leaving readers constantly wondering what extreme profanities or outright tragedies loom. Prepare yourself for blood, guts, exploding heads, a lot of sex and a standout finale that’s bound to have fans itching for a follow up. This is the definition of amazing work, a masterpiece in every sense!

Pre-order it here.

Rating: 5/5

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