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Jonathan Wood ‘No Hero’ Review

No Hero

Written by: Vitina Molgaard  

I can feel madness hammering in the door, begging to be let in. Madness can take the pain away, the abomination of the thing away, it can take away the impossibility made possible. If I’m crazy I don’t have to be here anymore. Leave an answering machine on for reality. I’ll get back to you when I can…

-An excerpt from No Hero

Let’s move into a weird story and meet a character known as Agent Arthur Wallace. Wallace is an interesting man with a unique habit of frequently asking himself “what would Kurt Russell do?” (Editor’s Note: perfect question, as Kurt Russell is one of the baddest SOBs to ever walk this planet, in my honest opinion!), when he finds himself in difficult situations. For him this question rarely helps, but hey, it’s something of a safety device when trouble brews.

Once a very good cop, Arthur is pulled into a whole new position, in a government run furtive division, known as M137 where he is now an official secret agent. M137 deals with otherworldly problems that have become a part of what Wallace has always known to be reality. All the same, his new professional role is a bit foreign and frightening to him. Battling alien creatures (The Progeny) intent on the destruction of humankind isn’t the most typical of assignments, after all.

This tale is filled with adventure and magic, bizarre creatures, cosmic horrors and a fine sprinkling of humor. It brought me to laughing out loud a number of times, but it isn’t all overt comicality, subtle tastes of humor run through these pages with references that the reader should be able to recognize and enjoy. It’s a uniquely charming piece of work from a talented author.

This is actually the first of a trilogy of adventures for agent Wallace and M137 and should you find this as pleasing as I have, you’ll want to take note: the next tale is set to be released in September. It’s going to be doosie.

Order it right here.

Rating: 4/5

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