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Read Helen Mihajlovic’s ‘The Temptation of Eve’

helen photo The Temptation of Eve

The Temptation of Eve

By Helen Mihajlovic

As the sun’s light grows faint, a crescent moon penetrates the sky; the entirety of nature is concealed by a dark cloak. The dimness brings forth a freedom to all creatures coy of the sun, by veiling their identity. Night’s shadowy air bestows expectancy that elating venture will emerge. An eternally varying moon provokes obscurity with which arises intrigue. Eve favours the night.

Her long ebony hair lies in curls on the verdant grass, her hazel eyes shut in  slumber. Her naked bosom gently touches the grass; the moonlight shines on her fair skin while she shifts her buttocks.

An owl flies overhead, lands on an apple tree and grips its claws on a branch. Eve awakens to its foreboding cry; she gently opens her eyes. When she rises, her senses fill with the aroma of the silver wattle in the garden. She hears the enduring call of the owl, forewarning sorrow. Eve saunters to the tree enveloped in large crimson apples where the owl is perched.

The slither of a serpent grows louder as it draws nearer to the tree. Having never seen a creature in this form, her eyes widen, her head draws closer in astonishment. When she looks upon the serpent’s red eyes, it writhes to her.

‘The forbidden tree,’ says the serpent looking upon the succulent apples. ‘It fills one with intrigue.’

‘Curiosity eradicates the mundane from the day,’ says Eve.

The serpent’s tail lashes from side to side.

‘Do you believe that life is not quite what it should be? asks the serpent.

‘I feel there is much about truth I do not know,’ replies Eve.

‘The fruit will grant you knowledge of the truth, it will make you alike God.’

‘I am told not to eat from this fruit.’

‘Then it is sad that you do not allow yourself ascendancy,’ says the serpent.

Eve cocks an eyebrow as she contemplates the serpent.

‘The garden bears food, warmth, love, although there remains a void within your heart, a craving for elation and freedom,’ says the serpent, itseyes fill with red flames.

Eve is momentarily silent. ‘I am forbidden to leave the garden and I love Adam.’

‘I believe you do. However, the love for yourself exceeds it,’ says the serpent ahead of a baleful hiss.

‘Paradise is my home,’ Eve says, her face growing pale.

‘Eve, paradise has all that you need, not that which you desire.’

Eve lowers her eyes; when she looks up the serpent has vanished.

‘Does he deceive me?’ she asks the owl.

‘His words are true, the apple gives rise to power. Though any creature that consumes it will grow to be dark,’ replies the owl.

She buries her head in her hands while she gives thought to the serpent’s words.

Her breath quickens as the true desires of her heart frighten her; she finds she holds a yearning to be all-powerful like God. It overpowers her love for Adam. Her head violently aches; it is arduous to acknowledge her true self.

As days follow, Eve’s mind races, it grows to be a consuming temptation that possesses her.Herblood hastenswith guilt; enticements bring enduring torture. She wonders if there is ever a moment of rest when it won’t pervade her thoughts.

Eve spends hours gazing upon the fruit of the tree. A crimson orb with a delightful aroma, its facade does not appear malicious. She sidles closer; her covet grows greater than her guilt. While her hand reaches for the apple, her body freezes with hesitation; agonizing shame emerges; the wicked thoughts of indulgence conquer it.

She grasps the apple. She holds it in her hand. Her heart races, the temptation is immense. The desire for infinite power, to be a God is a lure she is unable to resist.

The furtive serpent shelters at the rear of a shrub, its forked tongue thrashes as its red eyes avidly gaze upon Eve.

She consumes the apple, delight imbues her mouth, moistening when filling her with pleasure. A smile crosses her face when she feels euphoria.

Within moments of swallowing the apple Eve grimaces as her lips grow sour.

She begins to frantically choke; a foul taste invades her mouth.She promptly drops the apple; the shroud of misery takes on the guise of innocence and gentle form.

As the malevolent apple falls to the ground it wilts, shrinking, and darkening to its

core. Fierce grim clouds rapidly approach overshadowing the starry night sky; a tempest begins. A bitterwind encompasses the trees overhead, hastening their sway. A brightly colored Rainbow Lorikeet soars from thrashing branches into the sky; it cries as it metamorphoses into a black crow. Eve conceals her eyes with her hands in revulsion as the garden’s flowers begin to wilt. The pleasant pink heathtakes the form of the poisonous Abrus. The pitiless terror of reality, the fantasy was a pleasure, yet an illusion; it spawns solemnity when it bares its true intent.

As the apple courses through her body, transition of her mind transpires, obscurity lifts from her thoughts. She wipes tears from her eyes; confronting the veritable disposition of her state. She longs for change to fulfill the desires for which she aches.

That night Eve leaves paradise and Adam; she follows the serpent to the

emancipation of her dark nature.

Dedicated to beloved brother Bill.

© 2014 Helen Mihajlovic

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2 Comments on Read Helen Mihajlovic’s ‘The Temptation of Eve’

  1. Matt Barbour // June 12, 2014 at 10:26 pm // Reply

    A less than flowery interpretation of biblical literature. I love the line: paradise has all that you need, not that which you desire.


  2. Justin Lachal // August 24, 2014 at 4:41 am // Reply

    Helen reminds us that the lust for power is very real and very strong. Nice work! The feminine perspective is particularly powerful in this piece.

    “It is said that at the dawn of time, men lived together under the Father Tree. But men had been created with a hole in their hearts, a hole that no possession, power, or knowledge can ever fill. And in this infinite greed, we dream of expanding dominion over the entire earth”.


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