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Blake Crouch, Jordan Crouch ‘Eerie’ Review

0378 Crouch_Thicker Than Blood_2

Written by: Wesley Thomas

This novel starts with the tragic car accident scene, where a father is driving his two children, when the vehicle is upturned, and sees the children debating their father’s survival. Right from this moment we are bonded with the children, from their innocence, and sympathize with their trauma.

Following this, we are flung into the future, seeing these children as adults. Grant, is working a detective, when his current case, and a co-worker’s, share similarities, and we figure they will have some relevant connection.

This just happens to lead him to his estranged sister, Paige. She is now working as a prostitute for a selection of wealthy men. Grant and Paige’s last encounter wasn’t pleasant, and he has been fearing for her safety ever since.

Using his wits and smarts, he tracks her down to see she is in a much worse condition than he could ever imagine. But that is based on her appearance, at first. As she looks tired, gaunt, and horrified. But when she informs Grant of her unbelievably terrifying situation, his worry for her consumes him. Paige claims there is an entity in the house preventing her from leaving.

Grant, being the protective brother that he is, worries about her mental health. That is, until this entity forces an innocent man to take his own life, forcing Grant to question the very real possibility that this presence is fact, not fiction. Meaning that every frightening detail Paige has spoken of, is also real.

This book is excellently, and revolutionary, structured. The opening gives you the characters, and the turmoil they have endured in their pasts, of which is slow paced. But when Grant tracks down his sister, the flow seems to sky rocket through a load of creepy moments, thick tension, and downright scary situations.

The mystery regarding the antagonist in this story makes it all the more insidious. We are given very little depictions, which are all Grant and Paige have to go on as they try to escape the house alive.

A huge crime element surfaces in this read, colliding perfectly with horror. We have the investigation, and research element, trying to unearth the history of the house. But simultaneously, we have some expertly crafted scenes of suspense when the siblings have a few run-ins with the invisible force.

This book was addictive, due to the horror aspect, but also due to the information being delivered little by little. Which creates an unquenchable desire to read on and determine what exactly is living in that house, and how long it has been there. Along with other mysteries that we, as the reader, want answering.

All questions get answered in an explosive and epic ending, exploiting everyone’s true role in the tale. I do say ‘I never saw that coming’ possibly too often. But here I really mean it. The identity of the force, its past and significance shocked, pleasured and thrilled me. A perfect, full circle ending that got rid of loose ends, and explained every little thing that lacked logic.

This is another book for the ‘Must Read’ collection. A gem in horror fiction, and truly disturbing read! ‘Mind-blowing’ pretty much covers every aspect of this book!

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Rating: 4/5

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