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Contest Announcement Delays

I apologize for the lag on the contest announcement! I’m a little swamped, and received far more submissions than I anticipated (total entries nearly doubled the busiest contest we’ve previously run). I’ve been plowing through this massive pile, and I’m hoping to have an announcement up sometime this evening!

Some good stuff in here!

Thanks for the patience everyone, and keep an eye out, it’s coming, I promise!

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4 Comments on Contest Announcement Delays

  1. And also, what’s going on with your Double Feature “Just Say No To Drugs?”


    • Say No to Drugs is also a victim of a chaotic schedule. My boy is due to be born on the 16th. The house I live in isn’t very big, so it’s been all about COMPLETELY rearranging and getting rid of a ton of crap – on top of painting the kid’s room and getting everything set up, house child proofed again – we’re just trying hard to get EVERYTHING taken care of ASAP so there’s nothing we’ve got to worry about in the months to come. To tell you the truth, it’s all beating the piss out of me. Working 8 hours a day and trying to invest at least 2 hours a day in HNR and AddictedtoHorrorMovies has been INSANE. This has certainly been one of the most stressful periods of my life. I wish I could give EVERYTHING the attention it all needs and deserves, I’ve just been so buried it is unbelievable. Unfortunately, in order for me to be as fair as I possibly can to everyone involved with this, I’ve got to put my own stuff to the side for a minute. It’s ready to go though, it all basically boils down to time – when I have the time to actually promote this beast, I’ll be able to get it out. I’m excited about it. I REALLY like the final renditions of these stories. My best work, by a landslide… even if it did take each story about 8 drafts lmao


  2. Wow, congrats on the kid! I completely feel you on the house thing. The house my wife and I live in is a pretty big one, but my mom owns it. It used to be my grandmothers house. My mom decided it was time to leave my step dad because he’s a giant tool bag, so where did she move? We had to take a giant house worth of stuff and consolidate it all to fit in one small portion of the house. So yeah, I totally get it. That’s crazy hard, especially when it came to our book collection! Take your time man, our only concern was wondering what was going on. As long as we know, it’s no big deal. You’re doing us a favor by having the contest in the first place, you don’t owe us anything lol. And good luck with your publication, I do look forward to reading it. I wish I had about 24 more hours in each day myself, so I get it. Do your thing man.


  3. Matt Barbour // June 2, 2014 at 5:57 pm // Reply

    I don’t think I stand a chance in hell at winning, but interested in seeing the results. I wouldn’t worry about timeline though. You do what you need to.


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