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Tracy Crockett Crafts an Awesome Review of Our Very Own ‘When Red Snow Melts’

Editor’s note: Addicted to Horror Movies contributor Tracy Crockett shot me through a pretty damn favorable review of last year’s Christmas themed anthology, When Red Snow Melts. I don’t think we’ll typically spend too much time tooting our own horns over here on HNR (I will make sure we promote our own personal releases, but I doubt reviews of our collective anthologies will pop up all too regularly), but it was nice to see this arrive in the inbox, and I wanted to share. We still, in late May sell copies of this collection (not too many, but the buy buttons are clicked a few times a week, which is nice) and I thought hey, if it’s still entertaining the crowds, let’s spread a little random Holiday sunshine and encourage those who didn’t check it out in 2013 to maybe think to look into it a little later this year. But hey, enough of my rambling, check out Tracy’s thoughts on the book below.

when red snow melts cover (1)

Written by: Tracy Crockett

I’m going to say it from the beginning and get it over with. When Red Snow Melts is a megalomaniac of words that during a time of joy makes you want to shiver, vomit and possibly have nightmares.

Released at Christmas, When Red Snow Melts features some tasty morsels of x-mas fudge by some of the most respected authors in the business.

Straight out of the gate and in only a meek two pages Christmas Monkeys sets the shock and awe of the tales that are in store for you. Christmas Monkeys is this odd little tale about these crazy ass monkeys throwing poo around, causing shenanigans on Christmas. Two pages, simply brilliant.

There are so many tales within this beast but the ones that stick out the most to me are Santa Christ and the Christmas Miracle which is titled by Terry M. West though his better half Regina and he penned the masterpiece that it is. The surroundings accompanied by the caveman-ish dialect plays out very well in the Sci Fi universe, and it could very well could be mistaken for an old article from an EC Comic or Tales From The Crypt magazine. All in all this little tale has just the ample amount of laughs and horrific situations to appease a ton of readers…

Let’s not forget Robin Dover’s offering of a marvelously described preparation of a body for consumption, Santa’s cannibalistic nature. DS Ullery’s Tis The Season’s looks into a biblically referenced dark tale of old. Once again he’s amazed me with his imagination.

Rounding out a stellar list of badasses there’s a creepy tale of candies and freedom that comes at a cost in Glenn Rolfe’s Gingerbread Death Machine to Matt Molgaard’s Scissors, spinning a yarn of today’s youth giving up on personalized hand-made toys for electrical ones; Santa’s beard begins to kill the elves.

All in all When Red Snow Melts is one mighty great read. Head on over to Horror Novel Reviews for this and many other great reads. Go out and buy this. It’ll make ya hate X-mas even more….5 stars.

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5 Comments on Tracy Crockett Crafts an Awesome Review of Our Very Own ‘When Red Snow Melts’

  1. It is okay to toot your horn when you offer such an amazing stack of talent and great stories for $2.99!


  2. Vitina Molgaard // May 21, 2014 at 7:20 pm // Reply

    The collection is such a delightful mix of tales…after reading a number of these I began to feel sorry for Santa….and Scissors by Matt gave me a bit of a reprieve….A good thing to see this up because it deserves attention. Thank you Tracy Crockett for the revisit and review…just me…Vitina


  3. I didn’t write Gingerbread Death Machine. That was the great Tim Meyer


  4. oh crap…yeah sorry glenn..not sure how that happened


  5. No sweat, Tracy. You probably just read the awesomeness and thought of me. 🙂


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