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Raegan Butcher ‘Siege of Station 19’ Review


Written by: Matt Molgaard

Three things drew me to Siege of Station 19: Necro is the publishing house behind the project (Necro’s been putting out some wildly diverse and awesome material for some time now, in case you happen to be unaware), there’s a gnarly looking monster on the cover and author Raegan Butcher has a wild story of life redemption (if you want some info, pay your good friend Google a visit). Now, just because a book shows promise and sports some elements that one may personally find magnetic doesn’t guarantee a high quality product.

Siege of Station 19 starts strong, and never fails to subside in its imaginative assault on the brain. The idea being exercised is something that Hunter Shea might deliver, as the crux of the tale pits a small band of eclectic characters against a horde of menacing monsters who descend on a police station on the cusp of closing its doors (a relocation is in order given the state of the community, but that’s a detail that isn’t insanely relevant, so we’ll skim over that element of the story; save it for the exhilarating reading experience Siege of Station 19 offers). The players involved include veteran lawmen, escaped convicts and even a few Cartel members, and while the personalities on showcase are all quite varied, the bulk of the characters work extremely well together. As unlikely as it may sound, when push comes to shove and the going gets really tough, this unorthodox bunch function as a pretty cohesive unit.

The story feels at times reminiscent of Dean Koontz’s Phantoms, but it’s got an identity all its own, so don’t bank on any blatant comparisons, be it to Phantoms, a Hunter Shea novel or anything else for that matter. The action is non-stop, built for cinematic transfer, and the more I think about it, the more I’d certainly like to see this one make its way to the screen, big or small, there’re enough thrills, gore and surprises in store to captivate an audience.

This is a fast-paced piece that doesn’t let down in the slightest. Butcher has a knack for quality dialogue, but proves every bit as capable in illustrating high octane action and memorable character development (Rattlesnake Torres is one bad ass dude, no two ways about it). Siege of Station 19 should deposit genre fans right back in the glory days of action/horror hybrid films of the 80s. For me, that’s a deal sealer. Siege of Station 19 is a damn fine read that packs as many pulse pounding moments of mystery as outright visceral scares. Verdict? Definite winner.

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Rating: 4/5

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