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Christopher Ritchie ‘House of Pigs’ Review


Written by: Vitina Molgaard


It is almost there. I can feel it.

I can feel it too.

Is the room full now?

Yes. We should tell the others.

The circle will be complete.            -Excerpt from The House of Pigs


I venture to say that we have all read or heard the phrase, “Where nothing is as it seems.” Well this book takes the reader into a world where nothing really is just that, From the beginning to finale things occur and constantly change. In ways that sporadic style left me wondering, constantly, just what could happen next?

We start this off by meeting three male characters, Tom, Frank and Joe, all three are policemen and they are headed out on a routine police call. We learn quickly just how bizarre this tale is as the world of “routine” is defined. It isn’t long before we discover the revelation that something or someone wants Joe in particular. The questions are who and why?

This story is one that needs to be read to even begin to grasp Ritchie’s vision, although with the regular story shifts that take place it won’t take long to realize you’re in for something of the unorthodox. Alternate worlds are at play here, and they just may throw you for an entertaining loop.

The House of Pigs is a good read, but for me personally, there were a few aspects that threw me off. At times I felt that the story resembled others most of us have either read (or films we’ve viewed). In an odd way, it almost feels like Groundhog’s Day meets The Cabin in the Woods, which you can probably guess is a bit… different. But given Ritchie’s technical talent, I’d recommend the novel, as you may view the tale in drastically different light.

Order it here.

Rating: 3.5/5

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