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Tim Waggoner ‘Night Terrors’ Review


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

We all have dreams whether remembered or not, is besides the point.   They exist.  Day dreams, night dreams, even nightmares can at times feel very real.  In Night Terrors by Tim Waggoner from Angry Robot Books there are those who can turn dreams into reality.  To be exact it’s the nightmares that terrorized them as a child that can break through and become their own personal incubus. Such is the case with Audra and her demonic clown Jinx.

The story starts out in Chicago.  Audra is an ideator, one who has brought life to her nightmare.  Jinx, her creation is now her partner at Shadow Watch the agency Audra works for.  They are on a case to bring Quietus, a dangerous incubus in for numerous crimes against society, when all hell breaks loose.  For those of you not familiar with the Windy City, there is an area located on the lakefront known as Millennium Park, which has a huge chrome looking art piece affectionately called the “Bean”.  Quietus has brought this piece to life and it is wreaking havoc on the city.

This gets the ball rolling.  We are introduced to quite a cast of characters both human and otherwise.  We are taken through doors between our Earth and Nod.  We’re in a speeding car and the brakes don’t work!  This is quite the adventure story, a lot happening all around us.  The sly humor is a refreshing break in what is a normally serious genre.  The camaraderie between Audra and Jinx keeps the characters real (or as real as an ideator and incubus can be).   This is a bit of a Sci-Fi Horror mix and made for an enjoyable read.  Perhaps there will be more misadventures?  You can pre-order this NOW at, available 5/27/2014.

Rating: 3.5/5

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  1. It sounds goofy but fun. Thanks for the review! 🙂


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