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Cindy Hernandez ‘Cobwebs’ Review


Written by: Wesley Thomas

A multiple offering of horror tales for the scare fiends among us.

If you love nothing more than to be freaked out, grossed out, and downright horrified, then this book is for you.

The very short tales poke at you, hard, fast, but leave a lingering pain.

It explores some classic horror monsters, as well as some inventive creations from the twisted mind of Cindy Hernandez.

Six stories, which means six ways to be frightened.

One thing that cannot be denied is her ability to grab your focus, pull your mind away from any worries or stresses, and fill it with fears of the fate of a fictional character.

I cannot put my finger to it, put she has a unique writing style, one that I’ve never come across before.

The description is clear, allows imagination, but it also has attitude.

I can’t fully depict this strange phenomenon, but I will explore each bite-sized chunk of horror, and attempt to uncover what makes her writing so special.

The first story explores a boy who is taunted by a remnant of an exploration with his friends.

His revolting mind, and apparent issues, lead him to take something home with him, from a discovery he makes with his young companions.

But this proves to cause more abhorrence than he had ever thought possible.

This one is for tingles, you have to read at night for the full effect.

A typical boy, in a not so typical situation.

One that is alike to the stuff of nightmares, but unfortunately for this young fellow, it is painfully real.

Then we move onto a bully who torments, upsets and inflicts pain on everyone and everything he passes.

Until he starts to pick on the village extrovert.

A woman who likes to talk to trees, an odd, unusual character who the bully sets his sights on.

But this time, he chose the wrong person to beat on.

It was common knowledge that the leaf lady, as she was referred to, was believed to be a witch, and behold supernatural powers.

The little antagoniser was about to become living proof of this theory.

Stage-diving into this next terror, is a very brief work of fiction, a rock concert with a grizzly conclusion.

Then we have a run in with death, literally.

Someone who lures the grim reaper into their grasp, after eluding it so many times.

But now they plan to deceive Death into a trap.

This was refreshingly original and the portrayal of the grim reaper was unique, showing him as a vain, fragile, easily swayed entity.

This catapults you into the tale of an unattractive man who is a cheese-maker and has some rather unsanitary and sick cooking habits.

After years of ignorance and rudeness from the town’s beautiful women, the cheese-maker concocts a sinister scheme to wreak his vengeance.

This one requires a strong stomach, clear forewarning in advance.

The concluding story witnesses a young girl discovering something strange about her toys.

She loves taking long baths and playing with squeaky toys, but hates that her mother seems determined to put an end to her fun.

So Casey makes an idle wish in the heat of the moment, in front of her toys.

This tale was very eerie.

But the story being told from Casey’s point of view makes for an interesting, but chilling atmosphere.

All in all, with a strange and highly enjoyable set of short horror stories, added with Cindy’s unique twang in her storytelling, you have a twisted, miniature collection that will appease to all horror fans out there.

I look forward to more from this talented writer, and her original, offbeat fiction.

Fancy something different? Fun? Creepy? Not got a great deal of time to read full length novels?  Cindy’s ‘Cobwebs’ is for you!

Order it here!

Rating: 5/5

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