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Kevin Lucia ‘Things Slip Through’ Review

Things Slip Through (with titles) 8

Written by: Glenn Rolfe

Kevin Lucia’s Things Slip Through isn’t your average A to B adventure. It’s a collection of short stories about the strange things happening in a town called, Clifton Heights. I say short stories, but this isn’t your typical collection of shorts, either. We join the sheriff and Gavin for an evening at the local diner. From there, Lucia brings us deeper and deeper into the little New York town, and into a number of its dark corners. Throughout, Lucia builds the characters and town, much like he would if this was a straight up novel, but here, he’s chosen to glue the pieces together via Gavin’s journal entries. It’s an interesting way to put a book together, for sure. The only novel that comes to mind that is close to it would be That Which Should Not Be by Brett J. Talley.

In Things Slip Through, the horror flows from “real” horror (racism), to the mythical Wendigo, to trans-dimensional disappearances, and seemingly, everything in-between. While I did find a couple of the journal entries to be a bit slow or repetitive, the majority of them are fantastic. Lucia’s writing is so excellent that it pulls you through any mild-hiccups along the way.

I wasn’t sure how I wanted to rate the book after finishing it, but just this morning, found myself wanting to dive back into Clifton Heights and learn more. That’s the sign of a pretty amazing piece of fiction. I give Things Slip Through, 4 stars. But it’s really more like a very strong 4.5.

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Rating: 4/5




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