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Larry Brooks ‘Darkness Bound’ Review


Written by: Wayne C. Rogers

DARKNESS BOUND, the first novel by author Larry Brooks, was first published back in 2000, and then republished late last year.  I’m glad it’s now back in print because this book is one of the best psychological/erotic thrillers I have ever read.

The story opens with the Dark Lady sitting in the bedroom of her home, drinking a glass of white wine as she calmly watches her husband die of poison. From that point on, the reader knows that they are in for a journey of shocking, dark, erotic suspense.

The story continues when Dillon Masters, a stockbroker who has just separated from his wife, happens to encounter the Dark Lady in a department store. She is clad in black leather from head to toe, and triggers just about every possible sexual button Dillon has.  She’s the woman of his darkest fantasies; and, from the first moment of seeing her, Dillon knows he must have her.

Like the Hindu Goddess Kali, the Dark Lady quickly seduces this young man and leads him down a path of deviant behavior and utter self-destruction. All, however, isn’t what it seems. The Dark Lady has a hidden agenda, and Dillon is the perfect victim to help her fulfill it.  Will he be able to overcome the alluring power she has over him, or will he succumb to the evil temptations offered by this deadly creature?

DARKNESS BOUND is an exciting, edge-of-your-seat thriller, mixed with a sensuality of pure malice. Because of the numerous plot twists, the reader is never quite sure in what direction the story is headed.

I found myself continuously surprised by the author’s creativity and cleverness, wondering if Dillon Masters would be able to survive the manipulations of this intriguing female character. Larry Brooks certainly appears to have a deep insight into the workings of the female mind, and for the ladies out there, this is the perfect primer for learning how to screw with the minds of the men in your lives.

Brooks has also done for leather-clad women what the movie, FATAL ATTRACTION, did for infidelity. In other words, the next time I see a leather-clad woman in the mall, I intend on running in the opposite direction as fast as I can. I think any man who reads this book will feel much the same way.

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Rating: 5/5

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1 Comment on Larry Brooks ‘Darkness Bound’ Review

  1. Matt Barbour // April 9, 2014 at 5:22 pm // Reply

    You know in reading this review, it strikes me that books like this seem to be part of a bigger literary movement where horror and erotica are becoming more and more entwined. Sex has always sold, but right now I think it is drawing in readers more than gore (which was the big pull in the 80s and 90s). In any event, the high score makes me curious. I may have to pick this up.


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