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Anthology ‘DarkFuse #1’ Review


Written by: Joe Hempel

Short story collections are usually hit or miss, and this is no exception.  I would say that you’ve got 4 pretty damn good tales, and 2 that can be a miss.  For a collection that’s only got 6 stories, I think that’s a decent ratio.

The most original, and the one I thought brought the most to the table was the first story, She Sleeps in the Depths.  Characters were well thought out, and there was a nice little twist at the end.

Then you have an incredibly creepy and well done ghost tale, Better Heard and Not Seen.  I’ll leave it to your imagination to decide why this book about things that go bump in the night would be good for lights on reading.

The biggest flop for me was Carrion Fowl.  It just didn’t have much of a plot, and was more about someone’s experience turning into some flying winged creature….along with everyone else, and it’s really not explained why.

If you’re looking for typical, 80′s throwback horror, then Jaws of Life is a great story.  It’s incredibly predictable, but incredibly fun and horrific!

Neverview was one that just didn’t feel fleshed out at all.  It’s like reading a story and about half way through it just stops.  Perhaps this will pop up in longer form at a later date.

Children of the Horned God was a bit interesting in that you learn secrets sometimes you don’t want to know about where you live.  Predictable, but somewhat interesting none the less.

The Bottom Line:  It’s a great way to introduce you to authors you may not have ever hear of.  It’s also less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.  Those are what, like $18 now anyway?  For $3.49 on Amazon you get a fair taste, and even though you find tons of stuff that is $1.99 and less, $3.49 is a fair price for what you get here.  The stories are short, and the book is only a couple hundred pages, so you won’t invest a ton of time, but the quality of work to the price is just perfect.

Order it here.

Rating: 3/5

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