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‘Grimm: Below the Surface – The Insider’s Guide to the Show’ Review


Written by: Matt Molgaard

Talk about a viewer guide that actually pays off? Talk about Grimm: Below the Surface. This is a comprehensive piece that excavates the greatest of Grimm depths. Forgotten the name or habits of a Wesen that caught your attention early in the series? Chances are it’s covered here. Eager to dive into the mind of your favorite character? Yeah, you’ll be afforded that luxury as well. The coverage is thorough and spans a vast range of hero and villain, with a little bit of the odd mixed in for kicks. It is no doubt a top notch piece for any Grimm freak to add to their collection.

Loaded with vibrant images from the show – both production pics and episode pics – this one is going to leave Grimm fans enamored by its stellar and extensive material. The bulk of the cast weighs in with their thoughts and perceptions of the characters they portray. David Giuntoli, who fronts the cast as the Grimm, Nick Burkhardt offers some really cool insight, as do Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe, Nick’s primary Wesen battling buddy), Russell Hornsby (Nick’s partner) and the supremely underrated Reggie Lee, who tackles the role of the always lovable, Sergeant Wu.

There are loads of magnificent perspicacity from the entire crew in general. We learn some wild facts from the team behind the special effects, and the show frontrunners. And, as noted, there’s even an extensive guide to the villains in which Nick and company are forced to tangle with. Blutbad, Gluhenvolk, Coyotl, Murcielago, Damonfeuer, Lowen, Hexenbiest; these are just a few of the creatures explained in detail, which is damn cool, because let’s face it, sometimes these critters get a little confusing.

Another showcase in the book is a rundown of each episode from the first two seasons of the show. It’s a nice touch that might help anyone who missed an episode or two out. I’m telling you, there’s a hint of just about everything you could ever want to know about NBC’s Grimm. This book kicks ass, proving to be one top notch insider guide!

Infinitely more entertaining than the tie-in novel I recently covered.

Order it here, it’s worth every penny.

Rating: 4.5/5

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1 Comment on ‘Grimm: Below the Surface – The Insider’s Guide to the Show’ Review

  1. Vitina Molgaard // March 28, 2014 at 6:14 pm // Reply

    This one sounds promising. I remember the last one you read and reviewed in which you expressed disappointment with. This is the one you have the opportunity to win currently running isn’t it ? Nice deal….just me…vitina


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