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Wesley Thomas ‘The Darkness Waits’ Review


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

The Darkness Waits by Wesley Thomas starts out with a lot of promise, and I think there is a good story hidden in here but the lack of proofreading/editing has left a lot to be desired.  It was hard to read at times because there was no real flow.  An overabundance of detail didn’t help either, it made me feel like I was reading a screenplay rather than a novel.

The gist of the story is a woman who has finally left her abusive husband and has created a new life in her home town is now being haunted.  If that is not enough, her sister in-law is also experiencing ghostly happenings and then a third woman has her own ghastly story going on.

The first woman is Sarah Adamson, lately she’s been having graphic nightmares so horrific that she has begun seeing a doctor. After her home gets broken into the nightmares become real.  Her sister in-law Sharon, tries to help Sarah and ends up being attacked by an unknown force.  The third woman Sara, had been cheating on her wealthy husband with the gardener.  When her husband Miles sets a trap to catch them it backfires and he ends up dead!  Sara changes her name to Megan and moves away for awhile.  Her old home is now the home of Sarah Adamson.

So now the question is who is haunting whom?  Is it Sarah’s ex-husband Clyde pretending he’s a ghost, is it Miles confusing Sarah with Sara or is it an entirely different entity with its own agenda?!

Whew, there you have it.  A real wild ride of twists and turns that will leave your head spinning.  With a little polishing I think Wesley Thomas could have a hit on his hands!  Do keep in mind this is my perception of the book, your cup of tea may be different than mine.

Order it here.

Rating: 3/5


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