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Download Mike Wech’s ‘Seven-X’ FREE, All Weekend!


Mike whipped up a book that’s been turning heads. It’s earned some respect around these parts (check out our review here), earning a perfect score, and it’s time to capitalize on the buzz that’s growing netwide. Mike’s giving Seven-X away, free of charge all weekend, and you definitely need to get your mitts on it.

No, you didn’t read that wrong, by the way. The man is handing this one over without asking so much as a cent. Pretty amazing, and generous, if you ask me.

You can download this one free, right here!


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4 Comments on Download Mike Wech’s ‘Seven-X’ FREE, All Weekend!

  1. This looks AMAZING! I read the first page on Amazon and was hooked instantly. Can’t seem to figure out how to download it, though…? Do you have to have Kindle or some sort of account or something?


  2. Awesome – just downloaded to my Kindle!


  3. Thanks Matt. I really appreciate the plug,
    Mike Wech


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