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A Call to the HNR Community; Help Us Get These Promotional Banners/Ads Circulating for the Upcoming Poetry Collection!

Poetic works don’t draw the same appeal that outright fiction tales manage. That’s okay, there’s still a strong market for creations of this nature. But the issue is, a lot of major outlets aren’t interested in plugging poetry collections. And that’s where word of mouth is going to be crucial for us.

I’m working to get banner placements on some powerhouse sites, but we need it everywhere. We need social media style sites (facebook, twitter, google+, stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, personal blogs, etc., etc.) to really obtain the visibility required to make this one excel.

So I’m calling on our loyal followers to help us spread the word. Below you’ll find a series of banners and advertisements, and we really, really need you to help us get these circulating. Without the support from our community, this collection could potentially underperform. We don’t want that.

I ask everyone involved in the project to spread the word on their own sites, and I beseech the rest of our little family to spread the word as well.

Here’s what you can do:

Below is a series of banners/ads. You can save these ads by right clicking on the image and dragging it to your desktop, or you can right click the image and Save As. From there, it will be up to you to make those ads visible to the world.

I’ll be in it with you, grinding to get this release the attention it deserves. I hope you’ll aid HNR in its quest!

Here are the images!

hnr side banner 160x600

hnr top banner 728x140 plain

hnr top banner 728x140

squarebanner 320x320

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8 Comments on A Call to the HNR Community; Help Us Get These Promotional Banners/Ads Circulating for the Upcoming Poetry Collection!

  1. Posted on Facebook. Will refresh it as time permits.


  2. Posted it on my website!


  3. I was REALLY hoping this would happen! AWESOME!


  4. I posted about it and put a picture in the sidebar on my blog.


  5. Tim Ouellette // February 11, 2014 at 7:43 pm // Reply

    I just discovered your site & posted one of your ads on my blog. Hope it does well!


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