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Greg Slap, Author of Last Year’s Amazing ‘Mouth Sewn Shut’ Returns with the Now Available ‘Sting’!


Greg Slap was responsible for one of the most remarkable reads of 2013. Mouth Sewn Shut won big praise around these parts, and for good reason as it was easily one of the finest novels to land in my mailbox since I kickstarted this little machine known as HNR.

It’s an amazing story.

And now Greg is back with a brand new release that genre fans absolutely must get their hands on. Especially since Greg is basically giving this one away. At just a buck, it’s an undersale. This beauty deserves a much higher price tag affixed.

But that’s not what Greg is about. Greg is about ensuring the masses read his work. He’s not in this business for the monetary gain exclusively. He cares about his work, and he cares about his fans.

For an author this refined, to maintain a completely level head is amazing. To put the reader before the wallet speaks testament to what kind of person we’re talking about.

And that’s why you’ve got to go purchase Sting, a diverse collection of short stories right this very second. You can grab it in just about any format you desire. But format is irrelevant, it’s the craftsman ship of the collection that really counts. And this one won’t disappoint.

Don’t waste time. Buy this book. You will not be let down. You will discover that the hype being dumped on Slap’s shoulders is completely warranted.

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