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Mark West, Neil Williams, Stephen Bacon ‘Ill at Ease’ Review

ill at ease final

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

I suppose I went about this backwards. I read and reviewed Ill at Ease 2 first. I loved the book and just had to read this one, Ill at Ease.  Boy, am glad I did, it’s hard to say which has the better stories. The three authors featured here all have stories in book 2 and all are excellent.  So although this book was published in 2011 and is only 53 printed pages I thought you should be introduced to it.

“Waiting for Josh” by Stephen Bacon is a story of redemption. Dale’s friend has been away from his hometown for some time now, living in London working as a reporter. He’s just been called back home to see Dale a childhood friend who is dying. It’s been 20 years since they last saw each other and both men have taken decidedly different career paths. Dale has a cryptic message for his friend, one that will hopefully set things right and explain roads taken.

Mark West has a deceptively titled story in “Come See My House in the Pretty Town”. What sounds like a quaint tale is a gruesome behind the scenes look at the lengths sometimes taken to keep one’s town safe. I have to say this story has really stayed with me, I keep thinking about it.

Lastly we have “Closer than You Think” by Neil Williams. Dave is dropping off items at the local dumpster/skip when he spots a woman getting rid of a car seat. He offers to take it and brings it home for his daughter. Odd instances begin occurring and finally Dave begins to think perhaps the car seat is haunted. Quite the horrific story of too little, too late.

Do order this one up and give it a read, you will not regret it!

Rating: 5/5

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