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‘Beyond the Story’, A Painful Account by Crystal Leflar

Here is a special piece that comes from contributor Crystal Leflar, who is dealing with an extremely trying personal issue right now. We wish you the best, Crystal. Hang in there, and try to stay as positive as possible.


Beyond the Story

by Crystal Leflar

Death is a common occurance in horror. People are bitten by zombies, drained by vampires, and decapitated by chainsaw weidling maniacs. Sometimes they’re buried alive or burned at the stake. We live their desperate attempt to survive but when they die, we give no thought for the ones they’ve left behind, for the horror that lingers after the story ends.

The end has come for the main character and likely for his or her friends as well, but once their suffering is over, the family’s pain begins. We spare no feeling for the people off screen though those stupid teenagers had parents. That guy had a family, that woman had a best friend but we don’t often see thier stories of survival. It’s an exciting and terrifying experience to see someone fall, but the very specific characterization of the hunted leaves us free to experience vicariously without becoming emotionally invested. Is that horror?

Maybe the horror is seeing that police officer at your door at six in the morning, it’s the phone call telling you that your loved one is gone, it’s a child never returning home. It’s being expected to carry on while it feels like someone is carving your heart out with a dull ice cream scooper. The horror we don’t want to see is the horror we all eventually live, the horror of loss. The horror I’ve never actually know, until today.

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2 Comments on ‘Beyond the Story’, A Painful Account by Crystal Leflar

  1. Vitina Molgaard // January 27, 2014 at 1:48 am // Reply

    Crystal…this is an all too real horror for me…and knowing your pain will not change the fact of it’s existence . At some later date the edges of the reality you are feeling will smooth out…some. Yes it is those who are left behind that know what .that carving knife really feels like. Be whatever you are feeling like,,.just me…Vitina


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