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Robert Kirkland and Jay Bonansinga ‘The Walking Dead: Fall of the Governor Part One’ Review


Written by: Joe Hempel

From the Back:  In The Fall of the Governor – Part One, the Governor’s descent into madness finally erupts in a tour de force of action and horror. Beloved characters from the comic book, including Rick, Michonne and Glenn, finally make their entrance onto this nightmarish stage, and fans of The Walking Dead will see these characters in a whole new light. Simmering grudges boil over into unthinkable confrontations, battle lines are drawn, and unexpected twists seal the fates of the innocent and guilty alike.

No other storyline in the lore of The Walking Dead has been as memorable as that of The Governor and the town of Woodbury.  The first two books haven’t been met with nearly as much critical acclaim as the Comic series, or the Television series.  It’s my belief that people wanted these to be something they were not meant to be, or they were expecting The Governor in the books to be the same as in the TV show.  For those that haven’t read the comics, but watch the TV Show, the character of the Governor is VERY different from medium to medium.  The novels follow the comics.

This particular novel, The Fall of the Governor part one, isn’t anywhere near as good as the other two books.  It’s unfortunate, because this is where things really pick up and start to parallel the comic books, only this time, it’s from the perspective of Phillip Blake and the inhabitants of Woodbury.

Too many times did the pacing get bogged down with descriptions of the town and surroundings, while at the same time, they expect you to know the comic series, and leave out a lot of things that where important, just assuming you know what happened.

Right there is one of two major complaints about the book.  If they expect you to know the events, why wouldn’t they expect you to know what the surroundings looked like?  I would have rather read about what was going through the mind of The Governor during these events, and witness them happen from another perspective, rather than see them from the eyes of someone who wasn’t in the area, and just noticed something in passing.  They could have used this to provide a major insight to The Governor, and it was completely dropped.

The other major complaint, is that even though this is called The Fall of the Governor, and this trilogy of books is supposedly about The Governor, the past two books feel very much like Lilly Caul’s story.  This isn’t really a problem, but people going into this series may think it’s going to be something it’s not.

Lilly is an interesting character, and her development is fluid and well written.  This book really served to connect you to her in very human ways, and you see a softer side of her.  This was one of the only saving graces about glossing over important comic book events, you got the perspective of people in the town.

I’m wondering in the next book, if it’s going to merge even more with the comic books and be almost one in the same.  The ending leads me to believe that the next book will be even more Lilly Caul heavy than the others, which is just fine by me.

The Bottom Line:  If you are a fan of The Walking Dead, you may find enjoyment from this if you go in knowing that this book is going to skip over almost all of your favorite parts from the same story in the comic book.  Like I said above it’s the story of Lilly Caul that had me for this book.  There wasn’t enough insight into The Governor to keep me interested other than reading what happened in the comics in a few scenes.  There was one instance where you got a bit more insight, but only one, not nearly enough.  For $9.99, it really isn’t all that worth it.

Order it right here.

Rating: 2.5/5

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