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A Sinister Nature

By Helen Mihajlovic


The garden is filled with a sour scent of decay; flowers dead owed to disregard. He is in my every thought as I sit alone with the cold night air caressing me. My heart races while my mind is flooded with a perilous notion of the terror he brings to all who come near him. The dread he causes reveals his sinister nature. When the wind disturbs the trees they begin to rattle and I feel him approaching. A black crow’s cry overhead frightens a nocturnal rat and it runs to its hole.

He crawls towards me; my body quivers and my blood stirs. In stillness I

wait for him to come nearer. He lays himself on my stomach as we join in rapturous ardor. I place myself around him and he unleashes a depraved yearning within me, an unknown freedom. A gleam of happiness emerges in his eyes revealing his ecstatic pleasure. His every limb moves with fervor for hours.  He rests his weary head on my leg as he tires.

While dawn approaches his weak limbs collapse by my side. My restive head

pulsates. My mind is dispersed, fraught and disturbed. My limbs frenetically shift up and down as my being is unsettled and pleads for alleviation. I breathe deeply while   in a treacherous form. Filled with an insatiable ache, darkness defeats me. I yield to madness. I am no longer my own.

As he serenely lies drifting to sleep, I pierce his stomach. His limbs jolt and thrash

as he frantically struggles to escape. I pierce him deeper. His eyes widen while he fearfully looks at me one last time. His sacrifice is immense. With a final tremor he dies. I begin to eat him. After a time, what remains of him hangs on my silk black-widow’s web.

Dedicated to my brother Bill  © 2013 Helen Mihajlovic

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1 Comment on Read Helen Mihajlovic’s ‘A Sinister Nature’

  1. Vitina Molgaard // January 21, 2014 at 7:49 am // Reply

    Tasty bit of a read here. It surprised me with it’s ending. Nice job in dedicating this tale to her brother Bill. Thank you for another full read…just me…vitina


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