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K. Trap Jones ‘The Drunken Exorcist’ Review


Written by: Matt Molgaard

You want to talk bat-shit crazy? You want to talk K. Trap Jones’, The Drunken Exorcist. This is some far out business, meant to please the wild imagination and conjure a handful of laughs. For the most part, it does just that.

There’s really not much sense in diving into the story itself, it’s exactly what you’d expect from the title. Father Schnitt battles demons. His weapon of choice is whiskey and those evil bastard entities can’t handle it for a second. If it works, why fix it? Why not stay drunk as all hell and tear these demons apart? Or… save them in whiskey jars?

This is a goofy read with plenty of laughs in wait. The general tone is upbeat despite the content of the story (and a few very graphic sequences), and that’s a reflection of an author having a blast. This novel isn’t meant to be taken seriously. It’s meant to be read and enjoyed, and that’s that. It’s a self-aware, far from pretentious work that provides fine entertainment.

While not perfectly written, Jones is shark enough with wit and technical skills to impress. He’ll keep you turning the page, even if you may know exactly where the next leads. If you’re looking for an easy going read that doesn’t require complex analytical skills, this one is a winner for you.

Dump a few bucks on The Drunken Exorcist!

Rating: 3.5/5

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